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Medical Information Related to Mouth and Teeth Oral Hygiene, and its Effects on the Quality of Breath by Expert Researchers at Orkid Dental Floss Productions Plant

Reasons for bad breath and how to fight it 

Your confidence for saying even a simple hello might be affected by the freshness of your breath especially in the morning after you wake up. Like millions of others who suffer from this same problem, you might be interested in knowing its reasons to take proper action to fix it.

We need to remind you, if you are suffering from a tooth decay, gum disease or have swollen gums, as the first step, you must see a qualified dentist to do the essential cares to cure them. Because the presence of any of mentioned problems activates so much harmful bacteria and odor in their surroundings, even the best toothbrush and toothpaste and dental floss cannot help to get rid of the bad breath.

If you already have healthy teeth and gums but are still suffering from bad breath, find your answer/s in the cases described below:

Having bad breath in the morning

Due to the mouth being inactive while sleeping, harmful bacteria that are usually much too smelly, find the opportunity to grow and make the aggressive and sickening acidic smell in the mouth especially in the morning. According to the Academy of General Dentistry of America, more than 80 million people suffer from bad breath in the mouth in North America.

Bacteria feed on proteins, amino acids and food remain in the mouth and teeth.

The role of saliva to remove the food particles from the mouth is very important and necessary. A dry mouth creates a suitable environment for the growth of harmful bacteria and foul smell of the mouth.

People who suffer from dry mouth because of using medication are more susceptible to having bad breath.

Ways of sleeping impact the condition of mouth especially in the morning 

How you sleep during the night has a direct impact on the severity and persistence of bad breath in the morning. Snoring or mouth breathing during the night increases the likelihood of foul-smelling of mouth too. Mouth breathing especially while in sleep, can dry out the mouth and add to the rapid growth of harmful bacteria and bad odor and more. The fact is that every time the mouth saliva is reduced, the ability of mouth to fight bacteria that cause bad breath is also significantly reduced.

The relation between bad breath and your health

Bad breath does not have anything to do with age, but since the overall health decreases with age, body resistance to fight the bacteria is also reduced; consequently, the harmful bacteria cause a negative impact on the health as well.

The first reasons for a bad breath could be gingivitis and the quality of the tongue that are also associated with heart disease and stroke. This indicates that oral health is strongly related to other health problems. Oral bacteria produce toxin into the blood stream and can disrupt the rest of the body. Among the most important of these disorders are heart disease, cardiovascular, oral cancer and Alzheimer.

 Preventing the morning bad breath

Although no guaranteed solution to this problem exists, you can do a few simple things to significantly reduce the number of bad bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. Among the most effective ones, brushing, flossing and mouth washing are very strong. In addition, cleaning the tongue after eating and before going to bed or when you know you will not be eating for a few hours will eliminate or reduce bad breath significantly because there won’t be much in your mouth for the bacteria to feed on.

Quality of the tongue and its role in having a bad breath

Experts recommend that you look at your tongue in a mirror; if you see a pink, shiny tongue that’s a good indicator of having a cool fresh mouth. If your tongue is kind of whitish on its surface, most likely your breath smells bad.

Another way of knowing whether your mouth has an unpleasant odor is by licking the wet inside of your wrist with your tongue. Let it dry for a few moments; then smell it. It will carry the same smell as your mouth.

The papillae of the tongue can easily store tiny food particles especially sugar and minerals even by drinking a fruit juice to create a suitable environment for bacterial growth. So just by cleaning teeth and gums, the total oral care cannot be accomplished. Do not forget the tongue …

Using a soft brush on your tongue when you’re brushing your teeth, can prevent the accumulation of bacteria on your tongue; and add to your self-reliance for having a clean mouth and a cool, fresh breath.

If none of the above methods help to eliminate your bad breath. Your condition may have originated from your stomach. It will be necessary and strongly recommended that you consult with your family physician.

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