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Dear Distributors

We sincerely thank you for your interest in seeking information about Orkid Dental Floss Productions to explore the possibility of having a partnership with us as a distributor.

As we’ve explained on our "About Us" page in details, because Orkid Productions Plant produces and packages its products with high-quality raw materials, using the most advanced equipment approved and recommended by the related industry experts based on the international standards, not only Orkid is one of the most recognized and most popular brands among people in Persia (Iran), it will soon find its way into the global open markets.

Also, since 1991, when the Orkid plant started its productions following the international health standards, we’ve have been having many successful loyal distributors in many different parts of Persia who have been continuing to have success in distributing our products with great satisfaction.

If you would like to join our successful distributors' team too, please contact me via the contact information provided below here. We look forward to working with you and eagerly welcome you in advance for joining our team.

Farzad M.H. Hashemi
Owner and CEO

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CEO's Email:

CEO's Cellphone: 091 2318 5456

Plant’s Location: No. 1978 - Rahzi Street, Third Street, ShamsAhbahd Industrial Park, Tehran, Iran (Persia)   Postal Code: 18341 79751