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The Orkid Dental Floss Productions Plant with about 50 loyal employees, owned and managed by Mr. Farzad M.H. Hashemi, first started its productions in Jajrood, located on the outskirts of Tehran, the capital city of Persia (Iran), in 2001. To expand their business abroad and compete with the world’s market, Orkid’s management soon invited well educated and experienced experts in laboratory Affairs to cooperate in the production of Orkid’s dental flosses. They also kept attending many International seminars in Persia and Europe to access the latest information about modernizing Orkid's production and packaging equipment with the latest hygienic system based on the International standards; as well as, increasing the quality of the raw materials used in the production of their dental flosses.

During these ongoing efforts, the number of buyers and sponsors of Orkid Dental Floss Productions increased to the point that in 2011, the Orkid Productions plant had to be moved to ShamsAhbad Industrial Park, a far more spacious place owned by Mr. Hashemi, to be able to respond to the needs of Orkid's growing happy customers and distributors.

With having far better production possibilities in the new place, Orkid Productions plant managed to add a variety of new designs, sizes, and colors to the line of its dental floss productions to reward its existing loyal customers with any tastes and to attract the new ones. 

Currently, thanks to the support of the Orkid’s happy customers, its products are those of the most successful and popular dental flosses in Persian’s market. Moreover, because Orkid uses the best existing raw materials and most hygienic packaging systems that meet the international standards, soon will be distributed to European and American markets.

The managers and employees of Orkid Dental Floss Productions deeply appreciate the unprecedented public support of its products, and sincerely seek their continued support. With many thanks to all.

Farzad M.H. Hashemi
President, Chief Executive Officer

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