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Why We Need to Use Dental Floss

Brushing teeth is not enough to keep the mouth clean and fresh. Some people do not care much about their dental hygiene; others think brushing once a day it’s enough. However, according to the advice of experienced dentists, tooth brushing is good for causing more blood to flow into the outer layer of teeth and gums to strengthen them; and of course, to polish the teeth but it’s never enough.


For precision cleaning of teeth and gums and prevention of decay and gum diseases, dental floss is one the most effective means. Flossing not only removes the food pieces from between the teeth, it cleans mineral and chemical deposits from saliva.


In adolescence and youth, the surfaces between the teeth are more susceptible to decay. It is no exaggeration to say that at this age, flossing is even more important.


On the other hand, due to the contacts and connecting side surfaces of the teeth, decay happens much sooner in these areas where are hard to notice. Also, due to the shorter distance between the side surfaces and the teeth core, these areas quickly rot the tooth marrow and alveolar nerve transmission and cause pain and discomfort.


Studies done by the oral health research scientists shows that gum diseases often start from between the teeth for it’s hidden and hard to clean. Daily dental flossing can seriously prevent tooth and gum problems, and unpleasant breath. We’re confident to say that dental flossing is even more important than brushing.


There are excellent results from extensive researches done on body’s general health. Some of them prove that keeping the teeth and gums healthy, for they do not produce harmful bacteria to enter the body’s bloodstream, prevents heart diseases significantly.


Professor Howard Jenkinson, who has done detailed research on the subject in recent years, referring to the results of their research says:  Even a person of physical strength and good health could suffer from a heart disease if they ignore their oral health.

French doctors believe those who suffer from sore gums and mouth, their blood vessels are prone to getting clogged more than others.


By examining various people, the researchers anywhere in the world have tried to understand the relationship between gum disease and heart disease. Doctors admit that the accumulation of food debris between teeth makes gums sensitive. Lack of daily brushing and flossing weakens the gums and make them more and more sensitive; as a result, causes heart disease.


In result, by spending a few minutes of your time daily to clean your teeth and gums, you can help your general health significantly, and prevent many unexpected diseases.

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Why We Need to Use Dental Floss
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