Dental Floss or Toothpicks, which one is better?

Dental floss and toothpicks differences compared to what is better for oral health


What is a toothpick?  
It’s a short pointed piece of wood or plastic used for removing bits of food lodged between the teeth.

    You can use toothpicks when a piece of food is visible between the teeth.

    Using a toothpick after eating could just remove the visible food particles from between the teeth but cannot clean the deposits around and on the teeth and under the gums that cause bad breath.

    Use of a toothpick is difficult and very damaging to the gums. Repeated use of the withdrawal of the gums and between teeth produces unwanted spaces that collect even more food.

    Toothpicks can never do what a dental floss can do for your teeth.

Dental Floss

What is a dental floss?
   Dental flosses are made of nylon threads with different thicknesses, and different cooling oils, like, peppermint to keep mouth fresh. Using dental floss as part of a daily routine is the best way to keep mouth and teeth clean.

Dental Floss History

Floss was not commercially available until
 1882 when the Codman and Shurtleft Company started producing unwaxed silk floss. In 1898, the Johnson & Johnson Corporation received the first patent for dental floss that was made from the same silk material used by doctors for silk stitches.

Dental floss is needed to be used at least once a day but the best time to use it is before bed. When the mouth is inactive for a long period of time, gives the bacteria a golden opportunity to accumulate and cause dental decay and gum diseases; and consequently, bad breath.

Dental floss can contain fluoride or be without it. Flossing can remove food debris from between teeth and under gum-lines; and most importantly, it removes sediments of saliva.

As a result - toothpicks can never have the same advantages as dental floss.

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